Pendle smokers can pick up NHS Quit Kit

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Across Pendle, smokers can pick up an even better NHS Quit Kit this New Year.

For the first time, the Quit Kit includes a voucher for a week’s free trial of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) patches. The patches can double smokers’ chance of quitting successfully.

The Quit Kit is available from participating pharmacies across the country that are working in partnership with Department of Health and also from Co-operative and Sainsburys pharmacies, followed by Superdrug and a range of independent pharmacies in February and March.

Janet Walton, head of public health development from NHS East Lancashire, said: “One of the top New Year’s resolutions each year is to stop smoking and the Quit Kit can help people do this – as part of a range of free, local support services available from the NHS, practical tools and advice can help you deal with your smoking triggers and cravings.”

The East Lancashire Stop Smoking Service is about offering practical support rather than counselling and provides a choice of all treatments on prescription or voucher for a period of up to 12 weeks supply

In order to prevent relapse, the full 12-week programme is recommended as it takes about 8-12 weeks for nicotine receptors in the brain to ‘go to sleep’.

“New Year is a time when people try and make resolutions that will improve their lives – often with financial and health benefits. We want to be able to help people who decide to go smoke free in 2011 by providing them with useful tools, advice and support.” says Andrea Crossfield, Director of Smoke Free North West.

“Quitting is not easy but it can be made less difficult with the right support and tools.

“I’d urge anyone planning to quit this New Year to visit their nearest pharmacy to get a Quit Kit, call the national helpline or contact their Local NHS Stop Smoking Service.”

The Stop Smoking Service in East Lancashire can be contacted by calling 01254 380424.