Search for a sporting star

Satellite TV station MTV is searching for a sporting star of a new one hour special show.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a boxer, cyclist, fast on the track or good with a ball, small, big, oval or otherwise.

The “Made” experience is a journey that will take a lucky person on a journey of discovery. They will experience new ways of training and be exposed to activities that they might have never had the opportunity to do so before.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that all contributors look back at and have loved every minute with no regrets. Applicants may be an enthusiastic amateur or are on the edge of becoming a pro, but need a push to get to the next stage.

They may have a mental block they need to overcome or have had their confidence knocked by injury. They may be a complete amateur that wants to be thrown in the deep end. Guided by an MTV mentor and coach, they’ll undergo a transformation completely tailored for them. The selected applicant will be the star of their own show for MTV international, which will broadcast to a multitude of countries around the world.

Interested? Here’s the link to the webpage, , via which people can apply. The deadline for applications is April 1st.