21st Barley Model Exhibition draws crowds

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The 21st Barley Model Exhibition has again proved a big success, with lots of visitors attending and enjoying seeing loads of different things.

It covers models like cars, buses, lorries, trains, ships, planes, steam-powered factory engineering machines, dolls, dollhouses and lots more. And you can see modellers creating things there.

It has taken place at Barley Village Hall, jointly organised by Chris Widdas and David Weatherill, over its 21 years. And it happened again on Bank Holiday Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Lots of people went along to have a look round, and many also had a meal or refreshments there. Food is always popular at the event. Mr Weatherill’s wife Audrey, who is involved with the food, said: “We’ve had lots of people coming for meals – around 40 main courses each day. But lots of people have refreshments as well.”

There were so many different things to see. Children enjoyed having a look round, and were delighted to see very fast vehicles running round the spectacular Scalextric layout.

Richard Hutchinson brought along lots of model vehicles – hundreds of them. They included fire engines, ambulances, buses, lorries and cars, And some buses had local connection – there were samples of the ones operated in the past by Burnley, Colne and Nelson Transport and more recently by Burnley and Pendle Transport. The huge collection was impressive.

There were two operating model railways. Pendle Forest Model Railway Society took along "Thomason Friends" which includes lots of trains but also a running bus! And a beautiful N-gauge layout called "Rosehill" and set on the Lancashire/Yorkshire border was created by Malcolm Keyzer and Nathan Bridge. They were both popular layouts.

There were some amazing and delightful dolls and dollhouses, and Peter Coughlin’s historical ships were of interest, too. Lots of steam-powered engineering facilities and some large steam engines were provided by joint organiser Mr Widdas. And there were lots of planes above the land-based models, too!

At the event you can buy models and modelling equipment, and you also get to see modellers making their samples on scene.

Mr Weatherill said: "It’s been as good as always. We are very pleased with all the modellers – a marvellous selection of types of models. It’s gone very well. We are planning to have it open again next year."




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