Another rubbish fire at Colne farm

Firefighters dealing with the blaze on farmlane.
Firefighters dealing with the blaze on farmlane.
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Firefighters have again had to deal with a big blaze on farmland off Knotts Lane in Colne, with three fire engines attending.

It involved black smoke and is understood to include tyres. The smoke had an impact on other houses nearby.

Two fire crews from Colne and one from Nelson dealt with it. They had to use a lot of water and regularly had to drive down about three quarters of a mile into Knotts Lane to pick up more, and then go back up.

There have been lots of rubbish fires at Hubbs House Farm, which is on a long, narrow farm lane off Knotts Lane. The teams did manage to stop the blaze after a while. Pendle Council staff also attended.