Barlick’s becoming Pendle’s real ale capital

Richard Foster and pub manager Kate Cocklill from the Fountain Inn which has been included in the Good Beer Guide for 2014.
Richard Foster and pub manager Kate Cocklill from the Fountain Inn which has been included in the Good Beer Guide for 2014.

Barnoldswick has a double reason to say cheers as a brewery and a pub in the town have entered the Good Beer Guide for 2014.

The Barlick Brewery based at the Greyhound in Manchester Road has been added to the new edition as one of 63 West Pennine breweries.

The Fountain Inn in Church Street also joins the 2014 volume, but in the pub category, just 15 months after it was reopened.

The Barlick Brewery was launched in January 2012 by the Greyhound’s landlord Don Hinchcliffe and brewers Mark Harrison and Chris Storey.

The team have three regular brews Barlicker Bitter, Ghyll Guzzler and Rag Albert as well as specials such as Hare of the Dog.

Although the beers have been well received in and around Pendle, the brewers have no grand plans to expand just yet and want to continue on successfully supplying the Greyhound pub.

Chris said: “It’s been unbelievable. We are quite happy doing what we are doing at the moment. Just supplying the pub is busy.

“We have supplied beer festivals at Colne, one in Bradford and one at Nino’s in Cliviger so if we are asked we can supply.

“But if we had the time, we would definitely expand. When the pub first opened we immediately doubled the hand pumps from two to four. Then we added another two about six months later.

“A lot of the growth in real ale is down to CAMRA. CAMRA is the best exposure for us. We get people that we call beer tickers coming in from all over the place; Bristol, Nottingham; and they have to try everything. It’s brilliant.”

Owners of the Fountain Inn, Carol Boothman and Angus Crabtree, have taken the dilapidated and run down former Barlick Hotel a long way since reopening on the Jubilee weekend last year, turning it into an attractive town centre establishment known for its good beer and food.

Kate Cockill, General Manager of the Fountain Inn, said: “I think it’s great news, we’re chuffed about it all. I’m quite proud of us. I think we expected to be in at some point in the future but not this quickly.

“Personally, I think the pub has made a massive difference to Barlick. We have five hand pumps on so we are known for good beer. We have Dark Horse ‘Hetton’, Wainwright and Tetley cask on and we have two guest beers.

“But I think the whole atmosphere has helped with the success. It’s very hospitable.”

The book’s editor, Roger Protz, said: “The Good Beer Guide 2014 is the most up to date guide to the best real ale pubs in the UK and is compiled solely through recommendations and independent judgement.

“Unlike other guides which charge pubs to feature, the Good Beer Guide lists pubs on their merit alone and doesn’t charge any pub or brewery for entry in the guide.”