380 Housing Pendle tenants face ‘bedroom tax’ penalty

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more than 380 tenants of Housing Pendle face the propspect of being a “bedroom tax” of at least £12 a week from April 1st.

This is when the Government’s under-occupation or “bedroom tax” comes into effect – and the Together Housing Group, which includes Housing Pendle, has been working for the past 12 months to try and prepare tenants for the change.

Tenants affected by the bedroom tax have been visited to see if they wish to remain in their own home or downsize to a smaller one.

Janette Taylor, head of Housing Pendle, said: “We have been working hard across Pendle to try and prepare people for the bedroom tax and have now visited almost everyone affected by these changes.

“We are also working with partners in the area to maximise the amount of support we are able to those affected by the changes.

“As a business, the vast majority of our income is from rent collected, which allows us to carry out the vast array of services we deliver to our tenants.

“So we’re keen to give people as much help as possible to make sure they continue to afford their housing costs.

“We would urge anybody who is worried about how the bedroom tax could affect them to call one of our specialist benefit advisors on 873700.”