Could ‘disc’ parking return to Barnoldswick?

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Councillors are assessing car parking options in Barnoldswick after a proposal to re-introduce short-stay discs.

At the January meeting of Pendle Council’s West Craven Committee, councillors were considering a report on the re-introduction of the discs on the Wellhouse Road car park, next to the town’s Co-op.

The re-introduction would include a usage study and consultation of car park users, to be reported back to committee at a later date.

Short-stay parking was first introduced in Barnoldswick in 2004 but proved unpopular.

Coun. Marjorie Adams said the idea behind it was to try “to get more people into the town” which sparked debate between councillors on the wider issue of parking in Barlick.

Coun. David Whipp said: “We need to be very positive that we have free parking. If you go to Skipton and Clitheroe you can pay a fortune. We need to shout from the rooftops ‘free parking in Barnoldswick’.”

Discussions focused on the maximising of Barnoldswick’s potential for car parking, especially after the meeting heard about pressure for spaces. One of the reasons being given that town centre traders use the long-stay spaces closest to the centre.

Coun. Jennifer Purcell said that “people keep moaning about local shopkeepers using spaces”, adding that “they should park in other car parks to free up spaces for people that come into town”.

Coun. Ken Hartley said: “I don’t think we help ourselves at the moment. The library’s recognised private car park is for staff and disabled people only. There’s six or seven spaces in the town centre when the library is closed.”

Christine Pollard, from Salterforth Parish Council, said on one occasion, she had been driving round and round Barnoldswick town centre looking for a space while the taxi spaces on Church Street remained empty.

She said: “How do they work? I didn’t know whether I should be parking there.”

Barry Matthews, chairman of Barnoldswick Chamber of Trade, said he had not been able to park on the Wellhouse Road car park only once in 10 years and cited Mosley Street as another place for parking or signposting to the Rainhall Road car park.

He added: “I think the whole issue of car parking in the day time isn’t something that should be giving this committee too much concern. It’s not an I would consider too serious.”

Councillors agreed to carry out the consultation of car park users and the Chamber of Trade before making a decision on whether or not to implement any changes.

The possibility of using the library car park on a Tuesday is also being looked at and the item is on the agenda again for Tuesday’s meeting.

It comes with a report suggesting that no further action be taken regarding the Church Street taxi rank as it is used between 8pm and 1am, and at weekends, but can be used by the public during the day.