New primary schools take shape in Nelson

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Two of Nelson’s new schools are rapidly taking shape and looking attractive.

The two new premises are for Whitefield Infant School and Nursery Unit, and St Paul’s Primary School. And lots is happening to create them now.

The new St Paul's Primary School.
The new St Paul's Primary School.

The new Whitefield facility is due to open in September this year. It is just off Every Street in Nelson – an area where many homes have been demolished but others have been given a new lease of life.

And St Paul’s Primary is currently next to the Anglican church it is connected to but will be moving on to the scene of the old Edge End High School location off Hibson Road, Nelson.

There were originally plans to create the new St Paul’s in Brierfield, but in the end it has moved much closer to St Paul’s Church because of concerns about the big move.

So builders are working hard on both the town’s new schools now.

The new Lomeshaye Infant School.
The new Lomeshaye Infant School.

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