Owner forced to tidy up Nelson eyesore building?



Pendle councillors are being urged to take action to get an eyesore building improved.

Members of the Nelson Committee are recommended to serve a Building Act notice on the owner of the former day centre in Barkerhouse Road requiring him to carry out the works.

A report to councillors from planning manager Neil Watson says the building, a single-storey brick built structure, was sold to its current owner in January, 2012 by Lancashire County Council.

Until the summer, it had a roof on, but Mr Watson says in his report this was removed to reduce the rates paid on it.

Mr Watson says: “The building is currently boarded up. The roof consists of exposed timber trusses.

“The building appears to be dilapidated and is visually damaging the amenity of the area.

“We have received complaints regarding its condition and have contacted the owner with a view to securing either the improvement of the building or preferably a long term use of the site.

“There has been a period of time in which to find a use for it or to maintain it in a condition that does not harm the amenity of the area.

“Discussions with the owner have revealed there are no plans in place to develop the site nor to improve the appearance of the building.

“The condition of the building significantly impacts on the amenity of the area and in the absence of any voluntary co-operation from the owner to improve it, it is recommended that the council serves a notice on the owner.”




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