New recycling facilities on way to Pendle?

Green recycling wheelie bin
Green recycling wheelie bin

Lancashire County Council chiefs are considering proposals to provide extra facilities for recycling household waste in Pendle.

But the recycling centre in Regent Street, Colne, closed by the previous Conservative-run council will not be reopened.

The county council’s cabinet approved recommendations from a working group set up to discuss the council’s provision of recycling facilities. More work is now under way to look at how those recommendations could be put in place and the options available.

One of the key recommendations was to provide extra facilities for recycling household waste in Pendle.

However, any new service would operate on a different model to the current service and would not mean reopening HWRCs previously been closed to make savings.

County Coun. Janice Hanson, cabinet member for waste, said: “I’m very grateful to the councillors on the working group for providing direction on how they’d like to see our recycling facilities develop.

“Their recommendations call for additional services for people in Pendle to recycle household waste to be provided at the earliest opportunity.

“However, they also recognise these would be outside the scope of the existing HWRC service and would have to operate on a different model.

“In Lancashire we have a very good network of HWRCs and an ongoing contract to provide them. Given the council needs to save £300m. over the next four years, we are in no position to procure a further contract for two more HWRCs.

“We are looking at a range of options to provide extra recycling services in Pendle in a way we can afford, which means we will need to be creative.

“The way we deliver recycling services has not changed significantly for many years and this presents a real opportunity to look at new ways of doing things.

“The recommendations of the working group also allow our officers to consider whether we may need to charge for taking waste at the new facilities.”