COLNE: Police shut up ‘hell house’

PCSO Carla Pickard serves the eviction order on the occupants of 3. White Grove in Colne.

PCSO Carla Pickard serves the eviction order on the occupants of 3. White Grove in Colne.

A NUISANCE property in Colne has been made subject to a closure order after neighbours were forced to endure two years of “hell”.

An anti-social behaviour closure order was granted to police and Pendle Council by magistrates on Tuesday, following a flood of complaints from the public about serious nuisance and disorder at an address in White Grove.

The house, which was being rented privately by Julia Cadman, who lives in St Helens, has now been shut down for three months.

The court heard how Roxanne Ibbotson (28), and her partner John, had left neighbours feeling at their “wits’ end” from their drunken parties, loud swearing, shouting, and banging.

For just over two years, they had completed diary entries of incidents at the property, which took place at all times of the day and night.

Complaints were also made about rubbish outside attracting vermin, threats being made, and “foul language” being used in front of children, who no longer live at the property,

Sue McLane, representing Lancashire Constabulary, said: “These people have suffered enough.

“They are entitled to have a respite from the problems that they have endured for the past few years. They deserve a peaceful Christmas.

“Nobody could even use their garden or leave their windows open, because of the smell from the rubbish.

“I was going to say it is like a pigsty. But pigs live in relatively clean environments.”

The court heard that the landlady had been made aware of the problems “for some time” and had “done nothing about the issue”. Miss McLane said that both the landlady and Ibbotson were informed about the application being submitted, but neither appeared in court.

Neighbourhood police officers posted a notice on the front of the house on Sunday, and suggestions were made that Ibbotson left the property of her own accord on Tuesday morning.

PC Karen Isherwood said: “After a flood of complaints I got involved with the application for the closure order.

“The property is in terrible state of disrepair — both inside and out.

“Roxanne didn’t really take responsibility for it. Miss Cadman didn’t really grasp the extent of the problems.”

Neighbours told how they were forced to stop feeding birds because of rats, and said that since the notice was put up on Sunday, the area had been quiet for the first time in years.

One neighbour, who didn’t want to be named, said: “The noise has been horrendous, the language has been appalling, and the way they were treating the children was disgraceful.

“We are at our wits’ end. They have no respect for anybody.

“One of my neighbours had to wear earplugs, which is diabolical.

“It’s been hell for the last two years.”

And another neighbour said: “We have not had a full night’s sleep in just over two years.

“It is always there. It is always on your mind.”




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