Lancashire launches new ‘Scambuster’ page on FaceBook

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A NEW Facebook page to help people avoid buying fake goods and being caught out by scams has been launched by Lancashire County Council.

The pages feature a character called Scambuster Stan, who will help the Trading Standards Service make people aware of the consequences of buying fake goods, particularly via the growing and often less-regulated marketplace of the internet.

Fake items are a big problem across Lancashire. In the past two years, 40,000 counterfeit items have been seized, ranging from clothes and toys, to electrical items, computer parts and potentially lethal vodka.

County Coun. Albert Atkinson, deputy leader of the council, said: “With so many people using Facebook every day, it is a really useful way to get our message across.

“The page will also make it easy for people to tell us about any scams they may have encountered and help us to gather intelligence.

“We wanted to create something that was useful, but also interesting and engaging. As Facebook is popular with younger people, we’ve created the Scambuster Stan character to appeal to them.

“Anyone can buy and sell items using the internet, and it’s also the door to a wider international marketplace, so the potential for being scammed is greater than ever. Scambuster Stan will help people avoid the pitfalls.”

Scambuster Stan will tell people they might think they’re getting a bargain when they buy fake items, but there could be serious negative consequences. Most fakes are very poorly made, don’t meet any safety manufacturing laws and, in some cases, could cause unwary buyers serious risks to their health.

You can find out more about Scambuster Stan’s story and be the first to find out about any new “scam alerts” sweeping across Lancashire by “liking” his new Facebook page –