Police aim to cut car crime across Pendle

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POLICE are planning to help cut car crime by holding events at Pendle superstores.

Insp. Phil Davies told Pendle Council’s Nelson Committee about the events next week at Morrisons in Nelson and Sainsbury’s in Colne.

There is a problem in terms of vehicle crime locally, including the theft of number plates which are then used to make fake entries to petrol stations and drive off after filling up with fuel.

The police event will take place on Tuesday and Thursday next week, where they will be able to provide people with safety screws for their number plates. They can be screwed in, but not out.

On Tuesday, they will be at Morrisons from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and on Thursday at Sainsbury’s at the same times.

Coun. Sheena Dunn suggested that it could also be done in Nelson town centre, too.

Commercial premises in Nelson have been raided in recent weeks, but criminal damage is relatively low now.