Nelson & Colne College named one of nation’s best

MP Andrew Stephenson celebrating the college success. (S)

MP Andrew Stephenson celebrating the college success. (S)

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Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form is now officially named one of the best colleges in the whole of the country!

It’s proven in the latest Government data by the Department for Education’s school’s and college’s performance tables!

And now people in the area can remain confident that they have one of the best colleges in the country on their doorstep, as the latest Government data has shown the College Sixth Form is:

l The top college in the whole country for A-level Value-Added scores. These measure the distance between a student’s eventual A-level grades compared with results predicted based on their GCSEs.

l The third-highest performing college in the country for young apprenticeship success.

l The fourth highest college for A-level grades from 317 colleges, sixth forms and sixth form centres.

The college recently held a special event and balloon launch to celebrate its fantastic achievement. Afterwards, students and staff were able to enjoy refreshments and cakes as a reward for their hard work.

It is clear that the college sixth form students are talented, hard-working young people, and the college is lucky to have fantastic staff, with many years of teaching experience. They are determined to ensure their students’ success and future careers.

In addition to the outstanding statistics above, the college is also shown to be the BEST in the area for A-levels!

College principal Amanda Melton said: “I am continually amazed by the outstanding success that our students achieve. The college might be a small college, but our phenomenal success goes to show that great things really do come in small packages!

“We care about each and every student and my talented staff work hard to ensure that all of our young people are given the drive, determination and skills to achieve their dreams. I’m sure people of East Lancashire are proud their young people go on to perform so highly in the national league tables. Congratulations to staff, students and parents!”

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