The UK's newest aircraft carrier arrives in Portsmouth

The UK's new £3 billion aircraft carrier is a clear signal the country will remain a fully engaged global power, Theresa May said, as the ship arrived in Portsmouth.
Theresa May, Secretary of State James Brokenshire, and Arlene Foster at the Balmoral Show last month

A deal for every vote: How the DUP will support Theresa May

The DUP and the Conservatives are working towards an arrangement which would allow the DUP to negotiate a fresh deal every time the government needs its support in the Commons.

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Theresa May's future as Prime Minister and leader of the Conservatives was being openly questioned after her decision to hold a snap election disastrously backfired.

Theresa May's future as Prime Minister is questioned after snap election backfires

Theresa May's future as Prime Minister and leader of the Conservatives was being openly questioned after her decision to hold a snap election disastrously backfired.

Police are hunting the vandals who stripped the bark from this tree in Barnoldswick.

Search for mindless vandals after tree attack

Police have launched an appeal for information after mindless vandals stripped the bark from a tree in Barnoldswick.

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The stretch known as Straight Mile along the Leeds Liverpool Canal in Burnley which the Rev Paul Davis plans to walk as part of a linear pilgrimage.

Waterway to spread the Gospel

A Methodist minister is walking the full length of the Leeds Liverpool Canal in a special pilgrimage.

Pendle resident Miss Foster looks at some of the exicting plans on the map for Pendle Hill.

Blueprint will give new lease of life to one of county's most recognisable landmarks

A £2m blueprint of exciting plans for the future of Pendle Hill and the people who live around it  have been unveiled.

Champion fund raiser Audrey Bates with the stray cat Macho who visits her everyday.

Animal crackers Audrey is a real charity champ

What does a caring grandmother from Burnley have in common with celebrities Joanna Lumley, Bryan Adams, John Cleese, Amanda Holden and Peter Andre?

A survey has found that Burnley is the third unhappiest place to live in Britain

Live in Burnley? It is one of the unhappiest places in the UK

Burnley is one of the unhappiest places to live in the UK.
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A construction engineer checking  panels at a solar farm

Future looks bright as solar energy is on rise

Lancashire is not the sunniest place in the UK but with ever more efficient production of solar panels, electricity from the sun still has its place in supplying renewable power in the county.

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Ancient woodland in Lancashire

Help to save our ancient woodlands

The Woodland Trust is calling on people in Lancashire to support its campaign to protect ancient and veteran trees and save threatened ancient woods in the region following the launch of a new Government consultation.

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Volunteers enjoying a successful planting day at Alkincoates Woodland Nature Reserve last month. (s)

Volunteers sow the seeds for a vigorous future

Thoughtfulness has been sprouting up all over the place thanks to this group of green-thumbs planting more than 2500 trees.
Theresa May is preparing to trigger Article 50 and kick start Britain's exit from the EU

ARTICLE 50: Key questions about first step towards Brexit

The formal process to leave the European Union starts when Theresa May triggers Article 50.

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Theresa May is preparing to trigger Article 50 and kick start Britain's exit from the EU

ARTICLE 50: Once the UK leaves the EU, is there any way back in?

As Theresa May gets ready to trigger Article 50 and formally notify the European Union of Britain's intention to leave, some will be wondering whether there is even a small chance that, one day, the UK will rejoin.

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Towneley Hall and park

Park marked for improvements

The car park and picnic area in Towneley Park will be closed for three days this week while improvement works take place.

Burnley Canal Task Force members Helen Parkinson, Ian Fletcher, Jackie McKenzie, and Neil Hartley.

Canal cleaners taking fly-tippers to task

From Halloween costumes to motorbikes, the Burnley Canal Task Force clear away some strange items from the area's canals as the altruistic group meet on the first Sunday of each month to ensure that a mile stretch of waterway is kept neat and tidy.
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Rare bird spotted for the first time in Lancashire

Lancashire's 'twitchers' were in a flap after a rare, non-native species of bird was spotted in Lancashire for the first time.
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Kathryn Musso and her son Peppe leave the car behind and walk to school after reading about the shocking effects of air pollution.

Mum's drive to ditch the car and walk to school

A mum from Fence ditched her car and walked her son to school after reading shocking statistics about air pollution being one of the biggest killers.

SKT Welfare Nelson volunteers Zain Hussain, Amir Akthar, Yasser Rauf  and Abbas Ali cleaning up Nelson Cemetery. (s)

Volunteers clean-up graveyard

A group of thoughtful residents dusted a cemetery in kindness when they cleaned up graves last Sunday.
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Picking up to help keep Pendle tidy

Community groups, students and keen volunteers sprang into action at the weekend to make Pendle a nicer place to live.

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Towneley Hall and park where several memorial benches need to be removed as they are beyond repair.

Towneley Park memorial bench appeal

Several memorial benches, that have been in Burnley's Towneley Park for over 20 years, will have to be removed as they are beyond repair.

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