Happy ending for Ghost: dog abandoned in Nelson


ALL too often when stray dogs are taken in by animal welfare groups, the story has a sad ending with the dog having to be put down.

But, occasionally, there is a story to counter the bad news - and the tale of Ghost is one of those.

In November, we published a letter thanking Pendle Council’s dog wardens for their handling of a stray cross Saluki lurcher which had been roaming the Kelswick Drive area of Nelson for the previous five weeks.

It is believed the dog had been dumped in the area and had become semi-feral - until Northern Greyhound Rescue came to the rescue.

The charity took in the dog, which they called Ghost, and had him neutered, vaccinated, wormed, flea, tic treated and micro chipped.

Over the next few weeks, he gradually became used to having contact with people again, and is now able to be stroked and have his collar handled.

Pendle Council dog warden Laura Robinson said this week Ghost had been with a family in the Chorley area who had decided to keep him and was settling in well.

A NGR spokesman said: “We would like to thank all the people who have helped Ghost and supported us - the dog wardens who worked long and hard and far beyond the call of duty to get him, and the residents in Nelson who not only fed him but have provided much needed financial help and many items that we can use for fund raising. People like these restore your faith in mankind.”