Have your say on local planning strategy

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Have your say

Pendle residents now have their last chance to comment on a document that will influence how the borough changes in the years to come.

A six-week consultation begins today on the council’s core strategy - a document that planning officers will refer to on a daily basis to help them decide if proposals for new developments make a positive contribution to Pendle.

It covers where and how much housing, retail and business construction the council wishes to see in the borough over the coming years, as well as those areas it wants to protect from development.

The council says there will be a need to provide new facilities and it is important that it obtains as wide a range of views on these issues as possible.

From today until Monday, December 12th, people can view a draft version of the core strategy at Nelson’s Number One Market Street, council shops and libraries throughout Pendle.

Alternatively, it can be viewed on Pendle Council’s website at www.pendle.gov.uk/corestrategy

During the six-week consultation, planning officers will be attending a series of drop-in sessions in different parts of Pendle.

A display will also be available to view at Nelson’s Number One Market Street for the full six weeks.

Coun. Chris Tennant, who looks after planning issues in Pendle, is urging everyone to make the most of this final consultation.

He said: “The core strategy will set out the overall approach for planning and development in Pendle for the next 15 years, so it’s essential that residents make their views known before it’s finalised.

“All other planning documents have to fit in with the core strategy, so we need to be sure local residents are totally happy with it.

“This is your final chance to help shape the future of Pendle – please don’t miss out.”