Mystery surrounds death of Nelson man (52)

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The cause of a Nelson man’s death could not be determined for certain, a pathologist told an inquest.

Hypertension sufferer Wayne Baxter (52), of Malvern Court, was found dead at his home in November last year.

Dr Abdul al-Dawoud told a resumed hearing in Burnley that a post mortem had revealed a lot of fluid in Mr Baxter’s lungs which could have caused him to choke, and a small cut on the back of his head which could have been caused by a fall, rendering him unconscious and leading to his death.

East Lancashire Coroner Mr Richard Taylor said it was difficult to know which conclusion to reach.

“If he has died because of a trip and a fall, it is an accident. If his hypertension has caused him to fall, that is natural,” he said.

Mr Taylor returned a narrative verdict.