Help save Colne Waste & Recycling Centre

Colne re-cycling centre which is under threat of closure. A240811/1a
Colne re-cycling centre which is under threat of closure. A240811/1a

PENDLE TODAY - your Leader-Times newspapers website - is putting its weight behind a campaign to save Pendle’s main tip from closure - and asking local people to give their support.

Last month, Lancashire County Council named Colne Household Waste and Recycling Centre as one of four centres in Lancashire recommended for closure, and since then the people of Pendle have expressed their outrage at the plans through letters, rallies and petitions.

We are encouraging people to speak out against the move and inviting the public to cut out and sign a coupon - available in this week’s Nelson Leader and Colne Times newspapers - that says “no” to the closure.

The central disposal site win Regent Street, near Asda, is geographically the borough’s “flagship” and one of Lancashire’s busiest sites, receiving 6,804 tonnes of waste a year. In the last three years alone, the centre has received 136,000 visits and is used by 64% of the district’s households.

By rallying together we hope to gain enough support to stop our central disposal site from being shut.

Following the consultation to further rationalise the network of Centres, LCC has claimed that because the site is wholly owned by LCC’s contractor Sita they cannot guarantee its availability after March, 2013, when the contract ends.

But if Colne does come under fire, people will be expected to travel to West Close Road, Barnoldswick, or the new Burnley site at Heasandford to dispose of their waste.

Councillors in Colne, Nelson, Brierfield, Barrowford and Pendleside across all political parties have been unanimous in that the facility used by Colne’s neighbouring towns and villages is kept open.

Coun. Joe Cooney of Colne’s Vivary Bridge ward said: “It’s moronic. I have not spoken to anyone who wants this to happen. The county council has done this on paper and gone through all the districts and decided they need to close one in each district. Colne is the fourth busiest in the county and that’s despite it being one of the smallest. The council is just coming up with excuses and the evidence for the closure doesn’t stack up.”

And there are added fears fly tipping could get worse.

Mr Vincent Landon, of Fife Street, Barrowford, has organised a local petition and sent a letter to LCC. He said: “It is not in the best interests of the people in Pendle. While it may save LCC money it will not be LCC that has to bear the cost of fly tipping, which will without a shadow of a doubt increase if the closure of the recycling centre at Colne goes ahead.”

And Labour group leader Coun. Mohammed Iqbal, of Brierfield and Nelson North, re-iterated: “Closing the very well used Colne site will lead to an increase in fly-tipping I would urge the Conservative county councillors in Pendle to stand up for Pendle.”

There is now only five weeks left until the end of the consultation period which expires on Friday, September 30th, when a decision will be made.

Coun. Ann Kerrigan, of Horsfield Ward, added: “It’s important we all work together no matter what political party. I urge everybody to sign the petition and help us save our facility that is so well used.”

People have until this date to view the full report and proposals and make a comment by visiting