Is Barnoldswick Beach black cat a ‘Selfie’ victim?

The black cat which has been living and sleeping at Barnoldswick Beach since July. (S)

The black cat which has been living and sleeping at Barnoldswick Beach since July. (S)

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Beach goers in Barnoldswick are concerned a black cat living at the town’s sandy cove could be a ‘Selfie’ victim.

The friendly feline has been living and sleeping on the beach at Barnoldswick’s Town Square since July.

Organisers of the annual event, which finishes at the end of August, are anxious to find the cat’s owners.

The RSPCA has reported that 70% of all abandoned cats are black, or black and white – and “generation selfie” is to blame as the charity believes the problem is partly because black cats don’t photograph well.

The ever-growing trend of posting cat pictures on social media has compounded the matter further.

Barnoldswick Beach Lifeguard David Whipp said: “The sands of time are running out for Town Square Beach Puss.

“The Beach ends on August 30th and the friendly moggy will be without a home. We wonder if our Town Square cat is a selfie victim?

“It’s very affectionate and not your regular beach bum, it’s quite a fearless feline with an interest in large dogs.

“You can tell it’s a Barlicker, as it walks in the middle of the road like the rest of us.

“It would be great to find it’s original home or rehome it with a good family. At the moment, it’s sleeping in our beach marquee – where it’s our security cat – and eating at the Tree House pet shop.”

If anybody knows the cat’s owner, please call in at the beach, Facebook the beach organisers, email or leave a message on 666777.

Barnoldswick Beach is open Monday to Saturday (including the Bank Holiday) from 10am until 4pm.

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