VIDEO: Barnoldswick’s new councillor vows to make town better

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Europe’s youngest councillor says he is determined to make a difference in his home town of Barnoldswick and wants to work to make it a better place.

Coun. Lyle Davy (18) caused shockwaves when he was elected in May, becoming the first Conservative councillor in Barnoldswick’s Coates ward since 1976 where he has replaced Liberal Democrat Lindsay Gaskell.

From not being old enough to vote when he decided to run for the seat late last year, Coun. Davy says was inspired by Prime Minister David Cameron’s visit to Pendle in April 2013.

Coun. Davy also took time to thank his team for the election campaign effort and spoke about the issues he would like to see addressed in Barlick.

Read the full interview in the Leader Times Newspapers series on Friday.




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