Major step for potential Colne hydro scheme

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A feasibility study will be carried out to confirm whether a community hydro-electric scheme could be introduced in Colne.

In March we revealed that Waterside Neighbourhood Action Group were applying for grants for the study - to see whether a Archimedean screw turbine could be a way of generating renewable energy on Colne Water.

Their applications have now been successful, with Lancashire County Council covering the bulk of the cost by donating £1,500.

In a letter seen by the Colne Times, a Lancashire County Council spokesman said: “I am pleased to confirm that Lancashire County Council’s Environment and Community Projects Team will be able to contribute £1,500 to the Waterside Neighbourhood Action Group as soon as possible.

“This approval has been given on the basis of information that you have given us and discussions on site.

“We are very keen that staff from the Environment and Community Projects Team are soon to attend a presentation by the surveyors to increase their understanding of the technical suitability of sites for small scale hydro-electric schemes.”

According to Derek Mann, chair of the Waterside NAG group, a result from the study should be finalised by the end of September.

They submitted grant applications after being inspired by various projects, including similar schemes that have taken place in Whalley, Stockport and Bury.