Morrisons plan to open Barrowford store

The new Morrisons shop in Ashton
The new Morrisons shop in Ashton

Morrisons have a big store in Nelson, but have now come up with plans to open a smaller outlet in Barrowford.

Booths are going ahead with their new store in the town this year.

And Morrisons are intending to open a M Local convenience store on Gisburn Road, close to the existing Spar Shop.

They have put a request in to Pendle Council asking for a licence to sell alcohol from 6am to midnight from Monday to Sunday.

And the new M Local, one of 300 that Morrisons plans to open across the country before the ned of next year, would be built on the site of a former petrol stationt.

But concerns about the idea have been revealed by businesses in Barrowford.

Mr Gerard Threadgould, from the Spar Shop, said: “We are concerned about the plan. It’s going to have a devastating impact on ourselves and others.

“We have been up and down the high street to discuss it with other businesses and we are going to protest the licence application. The businesses are against the idea.”