Nelson house fire drama

Nelson fire engine.
Nelson fire engine.

Three fire engines were called out to a house blaze in Nelson after the fire service was given a “persons reported” call.

It happened at Macleod Street, Nelson, on Sunday at 1-30am. On arrival, the incident commander was made aware that the occupier was still inside the property, attempting to extinguish the fire himself. He was immediately taken out and given first aid treatment by firefighters.

Four breathing apparatus wearers using a hose reel entered the property and extinguished the fire. The entire property was heavily smoke-logged and a ventilation unit was used to remove the smoke.

The property was not suitable for the occupier to return and a request for the Fire Emergency Support Vehicle to attend was made. This appliance is staffed by volunteers and covers the whole of Lancashire.

They offer support to people after an incident and in this instance they were able to offer the occupier food and drink and a place to stay warm while temporary accommodation was organised.

Appliances were at the scene for approximately two and a half hours dealing with the incident and an investigation. The cause is being classed as accidental due to an electrical fault.

The occupier heard the fire and went to investigate. There was a smoke alarm in the property but it did not alert him due to it not being fitted on the ceiling.

Nelson Crew Manager Dave Robinson said: “Electrical items are common place in the home these days, forming a large part of our everyday lives. Check your socket outlets and extension leads to ensure they aren’t worn or damaged. Is there any discolouration around the plugs? This could be a sign of a problem.

“The best way to prevent an electrical fire is to switch off any equipment when it’s not in use, especially important at bedtime. Avoid running electrical cables and leads underneath carpets or rugs.”

Smoke alarms save lives. You are more than twice as likely to die in a fire at home if you haven’t got one. For a free Home Fire Safety Check, advice and a smoke alarm test or replacement, visit: or call 0800 1691125.