Police to clamp down on Colne’s rural fly-tippers


Police have warned that they will be clamping down on fly-tipping in Colne and its surrounding villages – especially in the more rural areas.

The announcement from community beat manager PC Nigel Keates comes after what is believed to be a large trailer load of items was dumped on land just off Lancashire Moor Road, in Trawden.

Rubbish included bits of fridges and fire extinguishers. According to PC Keates, officers are now working closely with Pendle Council to stop fly-tippers from making our rural areas “a blight”. He also warned that some items left in fly-tips could be potentially harmful to wildlife.

PC Keates said: “We are working with the council in relation to clamping down on fly-tipping.

“People are spoiling the countryside, saving themselves money, and costing the taxpayer.

“People are trying to find rural spots where they think they won’t be caught. But there comes a time when you can’t afford to clean up after other people. You like to see green spaces, we don’t want to see piles of junk.”

According to Pendle Council regular patrols are carried out across the borough to deal with issues, including fly-tipping, littering and dog fouling.

David Walker, waste services manager, said: “We work closely with other agencies, including the police and the environment agency to catch fly-tippers.

“When they find fly-tips – or when residents report them to us – our officers search for evidence within the rubbish in the hope of finding information of where it could have come from.

“Occassionally something is found and the team follows up leads to try and catch the perpetrators.”

Mr Walker added that anybody found guilty of fly-tipping faces a fine of up to £50,000 or even a sentence of up to five years in prison.

He added: “The council also does what it can to deter fly-tipper from dumping their rubbish in the first place. Quite simply, there’s no reason for fly-tipping in Pendle.”

To report fly-tipping visit www.pendle.gov.uk/forms or call 661743. Out of hours contact 661999.