Primary school’s academy bid

Photo Neil Cross'Barrowford Primary School, Rushton St, Barrowford
Photo Neil Cross'Barrowford Primary School, Rushton St, Barrowford

A consultation has begun on whether Barrowford Primary School should become a stand-alone academy.

Leaflets giving details of the proposals and a question and answer form were given out to parents of pupils and sent to local businesses and shops on Wednesday of last week.

And headteacher Mrs Rachel Tomlinson said this week that the initial feedback had been “very positive”.

She said: “This is something we have been considering for a few months now.

“If we were to become an academy, it will give us greater freedom and enhance our pupils’ learning experience.

“This is not something which has been forced on us by the Department for Education because we are a failing school - it is quite the opposite.

“We are a successful school and this is something we have decided to look into.

“We want the consultation to be as open as possible and we are very keen to hear back from as many people in the community as possible.

“I think that my opinion is very clear on the information leaflet and I think that becoming an academy would be a fantastic thing for us.

“However, we will listen to the community and if we are overwhelmed with negative responses then we will not seek to change our status.”

Academy schools are state-funded and not controlled by local authorities.

They do not have to follow the national curriculum and can set their own term times.

They still need to follow the same rules on admissions, special educational needs and exclusions as state schools.

Some schools which have become academies have sponsors which support them, as is the case at Walter Street Primary School in Brierfield, which became an academy last year after being placed in special measures by Ofsted and is sponsored by Nelson and Colne College.

The consultation at Barrowford ends on November 11th.