Residents fears over Barrowford Booths supermarket

The new Booths in Barrowford

The new Booths in Barrowford

People in houses around the back of the new Booths supermarket in Barrowford fear they might loose their scenery because its being built higher than originally planned.

The store has been given planning permission on the site of a towel mill which has now been demolished, and builders are currently working rapidly on it. It is due to be operational towards the end of the year, including a cafe.

But some residents are concerned they will not be able to see lovely scenes from their homes because planning permission was granted for a higher building there. And work is also going ahead now on a two-storey car park.

Mrs Michelle Bennett, who lives in Stansfield Close slightly above the site of the new building, has expressed concern. She said: “I thought it was going to be levelled - we thought it was going to be the same height that the mill was. We believed it was going to be one storey.

“We are concerned about our scenes of the park and duck pond. We have a really lovely view, actually, now. Lots of residents are concerned it’s now two storeys so a lot higher.

“I did contact MP Andrew Stephenson about this a few months ago.”

And nearby neighbour Mrs Margaret Howe in Grimshaw Street said: “It’s been going on for four years and originally it was going to be more small. I have been to lots of meetings about it.” She made it clear that the original plan was turned down but it was accepted when the location of the building itself was placed further over. And she said: “It was originally said it would be no higher than the towel company’s mill. What I am looking at now is the steel girders. We will be just looking at a stone wall that is higher than what they said.

“It’s right outside my front door so it means we will lose a lot of scenes. We can see all the trees from the front window now. I can see all the park from my bedroom window and up to the graveyard, too, Once it’s full, half the scenery will go. We will just looking at the wall! I got this house because what I could see -it’s 30 years ago. If it was the same size as the mill it wouldn’t have been a problem. And the multi-storey car park might have an effect for other people.”




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