Trawden skatepark proposals rejected


Proposals to house an outdoor skatepark at land behind St Mary’s Church, in Trawden, have been turned down by Blackburn Diocese.

The plans were the latest idea from members of Trawden Skatepark Initiative - whose aim is to offer a facility to village youngsters.

Previous plans to build an indoor skatepark at Lodge Holme, in Skipton Road, and an outdoor facility at Ball Grove Park, have also fallen through.

Founder of TSI Amanda Cunningham (45) said: “TSI have accepted that this would cause a huge upheaval and problem to the animals and the tenant, so therefore have decided not to proceed with the proposal but would like to thank Blackburn Diocese for its consideration in the matter.

“We would also like to thank the parish council for their involvement and support. TSI has been an interesting journey.”

A spokesman for Blackburn Diocese said: “The Archdeacon of Blackburn, John Hawley, has had discussions with Amanda directly to find out more about the plans. However, as Amanda has accepted, the Diocese feels the plans would cause disruption and problems, both to the animals on site and the tenant of the land.”