UPDATE: Travellers leave Pendle Leisure Centre car park

Travellers have set up camp in Pendle Leisure Centre's car park. Photo: Neal Stewart (S)
Travellers have set up camp in Pendle Leisure Centre's car park. Photo: Neal Stewart (S)
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Travellers who set up camp in Pendle Leisure Centre’s car park moved on before legal action had to be taken.

On Monday Pendle Council’s deputy chief executive Philip Mousdale said the council had spoken to travellers and that the legal department had prepared a notice. By Tuesday evening, the travellers had left.

Mr Mousdale said: “The travellers left the car park at around 7pm on Tuesday evening.

“We’d like to thank everyone for their patience and apologise for any inconvenience to customers of the leisure centre.”

The group were spotted by members of the public on Sunday night and Monday morning, with one Colne resident reporting that not one parking space was left available at the site.

Speaking on Monday morning Neal Stewart (32) said: “I went on my normal 7am walk with the dog... on Colne Sports Centre, and as I turned the corner I thought it was the Blues Festival again, as there were approximately 10 vans and 20 to 25 caravans on the car park. There wasn’t one parking space available.

“I passed again as I left for work at 8-15am and the road into the sports centre was blocked with cars trying to park. I have also heard they arrived last night and were extremely noisy but they all seemed asleep when I passed at 7am.”

This is not the first time Pendle Leisure Centre has been used by travellers. In July last year, a French family were issued with an eviction notice by Pendle Council after setting up camp at the site.

The group, from Strasbourg, consisted of approximately 20 adults and children. They arrived on July 21st and left at around 2pm on July 24th.