Nelson headteacher spends day as Year 7 pupil

Pendle Vale

Pendle Vale

Pendle Vale College, Nelson, students were favoured with a new headteacher for a day last month.

Everyday head Steve Wilson was demoted for the day and found himself back in time as a Year 7 student; and as such was subject to being in lessons for the day complete with uniform.

Unfortunately, Mr Wilson received two detentions in maths and science for not completing his homework.

The new “acting” headteacher, Imaad Sohail of 7P, won the opportunity to be the headteacher for a day in raffle in aid of the Cultural Exchange Project and as such, had a very busy day sending emails, meeting with the Senior Leadership Team, Student Council and observing Mrs Brown (assistant head) in her English lesson.

After break it was shadowing Mr Andy Blackburn (assistant head) during on call, followed by a meeting with the head teacher of Pendle Community High School, Mr Paul Wright.

Line management meetings were an integral part of the day, followed by intermittent staff requests for pay rises, staff wellbeing lunches at KFC and longer holidays with a shorter working day, all of Imaad thought was fair.

Throughout the day students and staff had fantastic fun watching the new kid on the block and of course the new stand in headteacher.

Needless to say, when the day ended and the roles reversed back, so did the decisions on the pay rises, longer holidays and shorter working days. The whole school had a fantastic fun atmosphere.

The event was put together as a project to raise much needed funds for the students who are going on a five-day cultural exchange visit to New York in February.

The students will be working in a community food kitchen serving those less fortunate than themselves. A visit to a school in the east village of New York is also planned. The whole experience will also contribute to the students GCSE art award through sketching photographic sessions.

On their return the students will be setting up their own Co-operative Community kitchen and food bank.




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