Working together to prevent falls

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Pendle Council and NHS East Lancashire will be working together next week to reduce the number of falls in the borough during Falls Awareness Week.

The theme of the campaign is “watch your step” and is targeted around issues of sight and vision.

The Community Falls team will be using Pendle Council’s travelling customer services vehicle STAN to give away free lens cleaners to help people clean their grimy spectacles.

And the team will be encouraging people to go and have an eye test and will have information about eye health and low vision services across East Lancashire.

People who use walking aids are also invited to get their ferrules repaired. Ferrules - the rubbery tips walking sticks, zimmer frames, crutches and other mobility aids - often wear down and need to be replaced regularly to ensure that the aid continues to provide good grip.

The falls advice sessions will take place aboard STAN on Wednesday at B&Q’s car park in Nelson between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.. Colin Houldsworth from Bontofts Opticians, Nelson, will be present.

Yvonne Skellern-Foster, Community Falls Team Partnership Leader, said: “Hundreds of falls happen each year which could be prevented. We are delighted to be able to use STAN to get out into the community to help residents and their carers to get specialist falls reduction advice.”

Coun. Shelagh Derwent, who oversees the council’s localities work, said: “Anyone who wants to find out more about council and other public services in Pendle can visit STAN. The advisors are very friendly and will do their best to help.

“They can also put you in touch with a wide range of Help Direct services and voluntary and community contacts and groups.”