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Our future is at stake

“Pendle’s tourism website has had a major redesign to attract more visitors to our area” said Councillor Eileen Answar, Pendle’s leader for tourism.

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I would love to hear from old friends

Searching for old friends

My name is Robert Astbury, I spent my childhood and youth in Burnley until I moved to the Midlands in 1971, where I met and married my wife of almost 43 years, had two sons and have six grandchildren.

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The MPs will have to battle it out

MPs will have to battle it out for new constituency

I write with regard to the proposed new Constituency Boundaries.

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Neither Trump or Clinton are fit to hold office

Understandably, our political eyes are focused on the fact that today the country has for the first time in memory only one credible political party. There is no political opposition worthy of the name.

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I am writing to express my utter bewilderment.

Bewildered by resignation letter

In response to former councillor Susan Earnshaw’s letter regarding her resignation from Whalley, Wiswell and Barrow Cemetery burial committee, I am writing to express my utter bewilderment.
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Target Ovarian Cancer

Night in to help cancer fight

As the autumn nights start to draw in, I’m writing to ask your readers to enjoy a night in with friends and family and raise vital funds for Target Ovarian Cancer.

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Rainbow Trust

Give an hour for a sick child

As the days become shorter, it’s a stark reminder that the end of another year is approaching – Halloween is nearly upon us and Guy Fawkes Night is just around the corner.

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I have just read The Mill Girls by local author Tracy Johnson

Book painted vivid pictures

I had thought in my advancing years that I had read my last book.

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An exploratory fracking drilling rig

Fracking decision disregards democracy

I am writing in response to the letter by Tony Raynor regarding the issue of fracking and leaving this to the experts.

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Fracking is controversial

Major risks in shale chase

I am writing as someone with training in petroleum geology in response to the article and the follow up letters on fracking in east Lancashire, particularly “Fracking 2” from David Berryman.
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Your children need your attention too

Get off your phones and pay attention to your children!

Is it only me who worries about the development of young children when they are in forward-facing pushchairs seeing only legs – and their mothers are constantly talking on their phones?

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Burnley General Hospital

If you believed the Tories on the NHS, you deserve what you get for being so gullible

I don’t know why readers write in and say such-and-such should be done to save the ailing NHS.

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There's no excuse for this

Stop this fly-tipping

Over the past few months it has come to my attention that the upper parts of Trawden Beck are becoming a dumping ground for at least one individual.

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Bye-bye colne

Let’s return to normality

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Illegal parking is getting out of hand

Time to stop these nuisance parkers in their tracks

Your columnist Edward Lee recently wrote about the daily travail of getting to and from his place of work.

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Prime Minister Theresa May

We have to be vigilant

After June’s EU Referendum result, the Prime Minister, Theresa May, has announced she is about to repeal the 1972 European Communities Act which will formerly begin the process of leaving the EU,  followed by invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

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Burnley MP Julie Cooper

Julie Cooper, show us more fight

This is an open letter to Burnley’s Member of Parliament Julie Cooper.

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Burnley Town Hall

Give local councils back some control

In 1982, whilst Leader of Burnley Borough Council, I took emergency action to save Queen Street Mill and sought retrospective approval for the Council.

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Burnley Empire Theatre

Save theatre, save Burnley

I recently attended a meeting of the “Trustees” of the Burnley Empire Theatre.

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We need more parking

Car parking conundrum

At present there is a field behind Chester Avenue car park in Clitheroe.
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