LETTER: £35,000 artwork money could be better spent

Those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad. If the ancient Greek playwright Euripides had been alive today, his words would surely have been applied to those who plan to spend £65,000 on having a team of artists tour the borough painting colourful designs on derelict houses and erecting gaudy structures on waste land. Is not it rather like gift-wrapping a cowpat? Underneath the fancy outer covering, there will still be a load of muck.

I am all for making Pendle look better, but surely the money, £30k from the county council and £35k from the British Arts Council Inspire programme, could be put to a better, more permanent use. If fancy designs are needed to brighten up our streets, give the job to art students from Nelson and Colne College. I am sure they would love to display their skills.

Footnote. Lancashire County Council says that due to a lack of money, cutbacks are to be made to the Dial-a-Ride bus service. This service plays an important part in the lives of many elderly and disabled people. Without it they will not be able to keep medical appointments and go shopping. Just a thought, but would it not make more sense to use the £30k to run the elderly down into town, rather than waste it on painting run down buildings?