LETTER: Colne and Nelson - two very different towns

While in Nelson recently, I witnessed something horrible which basically sums up the town.

I was witness to a road rage attack on a couple with children in their car, where a group of young men of Asian heritage cut them up and kept slamming on their brakes to try to make them run into the back of them.

When the driver of the car involved got out and confronted the young men, he was attacked by several youths who seemed to come from nowhere.

These people are cowards who prey on everyday people and get a kick out of it and cannot face confrontation one on one. No one came to the aid of the couple and they had to get away fast.

It was awful and made me really angry and ashamed to be living in a town that has already had bad press and will do so until it improves as a shopping centre and is made safer.

I then made the decision never to venture back into Nelson and the next day got on a bus up to Colne. I was amazed at the difference - the beautiful main street is lined with floral baskets, troughs, etc. and it is no wonder it is once again in the finals of North West in Bloom. Well done to all involved.

The shops were buzzing, as were the cafes, pubs and eating establishments of all cuisines and people were sat or stood talking in a real community setting. It filled my heart and at the same time, I felt so much safer there.

Why? I don’t know the answer but it made me go back home to Nelson and think about selling up and moving out for good. It’s a tale of two towns - so close, but so different.

Well done, Colne. You should be proud of the Bonnie Town on the Hill. Long may it stay that way.