LETTER: Community is fighting to save its play area

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A FEW weeks ago, I went to a local community centre with its own community football and basketball ground and a separate youngsters’ play area, which was easy to look onto and to watch children play safely on. Also, older people from the new bungalows were earmarked to have a new commune built. But this never did materialise so they also use the building for bingo, card-making, some minor training, keep fit and weekend dancing for the young.

The local house builders want the land for more housing. The council was in favour of the sale even though the locals themselves had raised hundreds of pounds for the upkeep of it. However, while the council are determined to sell the land the people are determined to fight for its keep.

My one dismay is that the football area and playground seem to be astonishingly used by dogs as a dog toilet on the concrete areas as well as grass areas. Come on, think of our future (children).

One for all and all for one. We shall not be moved.