LETTER: MP shows hypocrisy over Laneshawbridge new school plan

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I WAS looking through the Colne Times on Friday, June 17th, when I came upon the heading “MP gives thumbs up to green measures”.

I started to read the article and had to check the date to make sure it wasn’t April 1st. It seems Mr Stephenson has welcomed the Coalition Government’s new plan to protect the natural environment in England. My flabber was gasted when I read further down and saw that part of the plan he is backing is for “a new Green Area designation which will allow local people to protect the green spaces they value”.

Surely this can’t be the same Andrew Stephenson who has wholly supported the building of a new school in Laneshaw Bridge on a green field site, and gone against the wishes of majority of the local village people who wished to protect the green space they value?

This really is contradictory and hypocritical of Mr. Stephenson.


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