LETTER: Pendle MP quick off mark on Laneshaw Bridge School decision

no sooner had Lancashire County Council decided to grant planning permission for the controversial proposals to redevelop and expand Laneshaw Bridge School than MP Andrew Stephenson was busy writing congratulatory letters to those who wrote in support of the new school.

So much so that the decision was made on Wednesday and these letters arrived on people’s doormats on Thursday morning, before even the school had written to parents with the news.

Some households received three letters because they generated the “required” three letters of support per household designed to inflate the levels of support.

Unfortunately, Mr Stephenson did not feel compelled to be so quick off the mark to write letters to the hundreds of people from Laneshaw Bridge and the surrounding areas who expressed genuine concern about the plans, explaining his decision to support them.

Do all his constituents not deserve the same level of respect and communication? But then of course a bad news message is not a vote winning one, is it?


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