You’re better off being on wrong side of the law

Prison cell. Photo: Paul Faith/PA Wire
Prison cell. Photo: Paul Faith/PA Wire

As I write this letter I can honestly say I know this from experience.

In my opinion, the criminal justice system along with policing in this country is nothing short of laughable and I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this one but please let me state why I think this.

Number one, the police don’t seem to be interested in what I call petty crime such as ASB etc. and will do their best to avoid addressing the problem sometimes by making excuses or passing the buck which, in my opinion, leads to major crime later in life.

As for magistrates, they hand out bits of paper, what they call court orders and know they will not or cannot be enforced by the so-called powers-that-be, including the CPS, where it’s a totally different story when they need your help.

I’m now of the opinion you are better off on the wrong side of the law than the right side.

Brian Tomlinson