Colne and Nelson 23, Ashton under Lyne 0

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COLNE collected a second successive clean sheet victory on Saturday.

They were denied an early score as a charge down from Andrew Grindrod sent Howard Wick on a 22- metre run for the line, but after offloading, a dropped ball proved costly.

Colne dominated in the lineouts thanks to a brilliant return from Luke Edwards, but the first penalty fell to Ashton, who missed their kick and, in a twist of fate, Colne received their own penalty, kicked by Luke Cockcroft.

Then another Ashton penalty went wide, allowing Colne to hold a narrow lead at the half.

The All Blacks exploded into the second half as Dan Sutcliffe flattened the ball receiver from the kick, allowing Colne quick possession, and the ball was passed out to Adam Padgett, who drove four of their players 10 metres down the pitch.

Colne recycled the ball well, and some incredible backs work allowed Grindrod to score the first try. Colne maintained the pressure, and some fantastic chasing from Dean Sykes allowed him to make one of the best charge downs of the season, knocking the ball into the try area where he scored the second try. Another good kick from Cockcroft took the score to 15-0, and more pressure gained a penalty to take the score to 18-0.

And a turnover saw scrum half, and man of the match, Callum Kinnane, kick the ball down field, chase and charge down, allowing him to breeze over.

Tomorrow, the firsts get a break as the seconds go up against Blackburn.