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Game Of Thrones trailer leaves fans 'crying with excitement'

Game Of Thrones fans were left “crying with excitement” after the trailer for the upcoming seventh series of the show was unveiled.
Photo by Kim Turner

Photo of the Day: May 29th

Kim Turner has shared this photo she took of Canada geese soaking up the sun outside Towneley Hall.

Photo by Dave Burnett

Photo of the Day: May 28th

Dave Burnett has sent in this stunning photo of the sunset over Pendle Hill.

Photo by David McQuillan

Photo of the Day: May 27th

David McQuillan shared this photo of his dog Poppy watching the sunset from Weets Hill.

Photo by Laura Mirfield

Photo of the Day: May 26th

Laura Mirfield captured these lambs having the time of their lives.

Photo by Peter Stawicki

Photo of the Day: May 25th

Peter Stawicki captured a busy Duke Bar in Burnley soaking up the sunshine.

Dunstan by Conn Iggulden

Book review: Dunstan by Conn Iggulden

One of the most influential figures of 10th century England, Dunstan is perhaps best remembered for his connections to Glastonbury Abbey and as the patron saint of goldsmiths, locksmiths and jewellers.

Admissions: A Life In Brain Surgery by Henry Marsh

Book review: Admissions: A Life In Brain Surgery by Henry Marsh

There is nothing worse than being outdoors in the middle of no-where and your equipment or clothing rips.

Cricket Sticker Book

Book review: Cricket Sticker Book

With the summer fast approaching, it is a good time to get the children into the graceful sport of cricket.

Barnoldswick ballerina Rebecca Stead has been accepted into the prestigious Central School of Ballet in London

Rebecca on point to be a top ballerina

A talented ballerina has won a place at one of Europe's most prestigious dance schools.

Photo by Carol McGee

Photo of the Day: May 24th

Carole McGee has shared this fantastic photo she took of the sunset over the Leeds and Liverpool canal in Barrowford.

Llama dramas, pirate pranks and a battle royal

Book reviews: Llama dramas, pirate pranks and a battle royal

There’s animal magic and exciting adventure in a sparkling new selection of children’s books timed perfectly for the half term holidays.

The Affair of Lady Westcotts Lost Ruby and The Case of the Unseen Assassin by Gary Lovisi

Book review: The Affair of Lady Westcott’s Lost Ruby and The Case of the Unseen Assassin by Gary Lovisi

In a pair of intriguing novellas set in London in the 1890s, the deductive skills of Sherlock Holmes and his protégé, Inspector Alec MacDonald of Scotland Yard, are severely tested by a string of random killings of ‘gentlemen of consequence,’ and a plot to bring down the monarchy and plunge the British Empire into chaos.

The Last Piece of My Heart by Paige Toon

Book review: The Last Piece of My Heart by Paige Toon

If frothy, lightweight chick-lit leaves you cold, then cuddle up with one of the warmest, cleverest romances on the shelves this summer.

Some 15% of all streaming happens between midnight and 6am

We binge on comedy for breakfast and drama for lunch, Netflix says

Netflix viewers are most likely to turn to comedy shows at breakfast, dramas in their lunch break and documentaries in the small hours, according to new data released by the streaming service.

The Shadow Queen by Anne OBrien

Book review: The Shadow Queen by Anne O’Brien

One medieval historian described her as ‘the most beautiful lady in the whole realm of England, and by far the most amorous,’ while another made tantalising reference to her ‘slippery ways.’

The Fix by David Baldacci

Book review: The Fix by David Baldacci

FBI special agent Amos Decker is no James Bond… he’s overweight, socially inept, needs a haircut and his stained clothes could do with a good wash.

Photo by Helen Cottam

Photo of the Day: May 23rd

Helen Cottam has shared this gorgeous sunset that she captured from the Brunshaw Area of Burnley.

Agent Cooper getting lost in his dreams again

How well do you remember Twin Peaks?

As David Lynch and Mark Frost's seminal series returns after a 25-year hiatus, it's time to jog your memory with these questions.

The original line-up

Classic 80s soap Dynasty returning to US TV Screens

Dynasty is returning to US TV screens, nearly 30 years after the prime-time soap opera aired its last hair-pulling fight.

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