70 caught watching TV without a licence in Colne

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MORE than 380 people were caught watching TV without a licence in Burnley in the first six months of this year.

The TV Licensing authority revealed the figures alongside those for neighbouring towns. More than 520 were caught in Blackburn, more than 70 in Colne, and more than 240 in Accrington.

Tim Downs, of TV Licensing said the authority appreciated that some viewers may be finding if difficult to find the £145.50 which has, by law, to be paid for watching or recording programmes, whether on a TV set, computer, or any other equipment.

BBC channels, for the first time, aired advertisements at the weekend highlighting alternative options to paying all at once.

The head of the Institute of Money Advisers, Caroline Siarkiewicz, said: “Lots of people struggle with their finances, but if you choose to watch TV without being correctly licensed you’re breaking the law and risk making it worse. We welcome the ways in which TV Licensing makes it as easy as possible for people to spread the cost of their TV Licence and make payments online but, if you’re having trouble, we urge you to give TV Licensing a call or seek help from a free money adviser in your area.”