Laneshaw Bridge man to appear on TV dating show ‘Love Machine’

John Sagar
John Sagar
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A PENDLE man is hoping to get lucky with a lady later this month when he appears on the “Love Machine”.

John Sagar (26), from Laneshaw Bridge, will feature on three episodes of the programme after an “out of the blue” approach.

The former Nelson and Colne College student turned actor and model did the filming for the show back in November and admits he was “very nervous” about the prospect of playing the dating game on national television.

The newly launched programme, presented by Chris Moyles and Stacey Solomon, is Sky’s answer to ITV’s “Take Me Out” and gives contestants the option to ditch or date, initially based just on looks.

In the show’s format, eight contestants are in little pods which light up and if the other contestant on the lookout for love likes what he or she sees, they invite one of the “podded” contestants down to ask each other questions ahead of a potential date.

John, who recently appeared as the Genie in “Aladdin” at York Opera House, says he can’t reveal whether he was left head-over-heels or heartbroken after his time on the show.

John said: “A friend got in touch with me as he could no longer go on the show because he had a girlfriend. I’d been single for about a year and thought ‘Why not?’.

“I phoned the number and then had a Skype interview. About an hour later I got a phone call to say I needed to be in London in a few days time.

“It’s a very bizarre experience being stood in one of those pods being rated viciously on your looks. When the pod lights up and the audience sees you, there is suddenly a load of screams. I was a bit shaken after the first episode.

“There’s a live audience in the studio of 500 and there will be millions of viewers watching it at home. It’s probably the most nerve-wracking thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

To find out whether John is left smitten or bitten by his experience, tune in to the first of the three episodes scheduled to be aired at 6 p.m. on Sky Living on Sunday, April 29th. The other two episodes will be aired on the following Sundays.