Nelson pupils meet Union J on ‘Blue Peter’ trip

Marsden Community Primary School pupils on TV thanks to BBC's Blue Peter. (S)
Marsden Community Primary School pupils on TV thanks to BBC's Blue Peter. (S)

Lots of children from a school in Nelson have appeared on telly! They were invited to CBBC’s Blue Peter after winning the programme’s badges.

And the show’s hosts congratulated Marsden Community Primary School on television after more than 30 of their students were awarded their badges.

Along with children from another school they were filmed outside, watching band Union J and talking to hosts Barney Harwood, Lindsey Russell and Radzi Chinyanganya. So it was a highly exciting session for them. They loved it! And it was on TV last Thursday.

We had reported the fact that the students had earned badges back in May – and Blue Peter showed that on the programme!

So on the show you could see the children having great fun outside the BBC’s location in Salford in good weather, along with its hosts and Union J.

After Lindsey revealed a dog sculpture had been created by a young watcher on the programme, Barney said: “Something else that caught our attention was the online article about a class of primary school children who between them have got over 30 Blue Peter badges.”

And Radzi added: “We were so impressed with this! We thought we were going to have them on Blue Peter. So would you please welcome Marsden Community Primary School.”

They then interviewed some of the Marsden pupils – including two sisters who came up with the idea of earning badges – and the children explained how they got them.

So they were congratulated by the hosts. The children were really excited to see Union J perform, and gave them a big cheer as the programme ended. They had a wonderful time there after Blue Peter honoured them with lots of badges.