Top tunes draw thousands to Barnoldswick

The Barnoldswick Battle of the Bands returned to the Town Square after a similarly successful event was held to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

Thousands were estimated to have visited Barlick over the course of the weekend, the majority during Saturday and Sunday when the town was bathed in glorious sunshine.

Wireless perform on stage at the 'Battle of the Bands'.

Wireless perform on stage at the 'Battle of the Bands'.

Twenty-five acts performed across the course of the three days at the Barnoldswick Town Council event which cost an estimated £9,000.

Additional equipment was purchased by the town council to improve the sound quality which seemed to please gig-goers who took to twitter to express how much they had enjoyed the music.

Andy Byrne said: “I didn’t get to see all of it.. But what I did see was awesome. Great event.”

Coun. Paul White, of Boulsworth ward in Colne, tweeted: “Radio One’s big weekend ain’t got anything on Barlick Bands in the Square.”

And Jez Town wrote: “Barnoldswick is 10x the town it used to be a few years ago #bounceback.”

One organiser, Coun. Claire Teall, said: “It was very successful, an absolutely awesome weekend.

“The weather was fantastic. I estimate we must have had a few thousand people. The square was absolutely packed on Saturday and Sunday, but quieter on Monday.

“Thanks must go to Sally Nicholson who booked all the bands and Emma West who looked after them back stage and made sure we kept time.

“People are already saying are we doing it the same time next year. All the bands were local and all were doing it for free. Thanks also to all the amazing talents and all the people who came along as without them it wouldn’t have happened.”