Police primed to deal with any underage drinkers

Underage drinkers are being warned they could end up in a police cell this weekend as a family-fun weekend gets underway.

Saturday, 26th May 2018, 3:21 pm
Updated Saturday, 26th May 2018, 3:21 pm
The police are ready to deal with any underage drinkers.

Bands on the Square (BOTS) takes place in Barnoldswick this afternoon and officers are priming themselves to ensure that the weekend goes ahead as smoothly as possible.

But they are warning that they will take no prisoners when it comes to those who are found to be drinking underage.

PC Nigel Keates said: "To those who think they can get drunk under age you will be dealt with and removed to a place of safety, be that your home address or in the cells.

"If you can't calm down there's plenty of Buffoon Rooms aka cells in Blackburn Custody Suite ready and waiting."

BOTS, which is an event by the community, for the community, is fully supported by the police, who have said they will step in if necessary.

PC Keates added: "By far the vast majority of attendees will have a great time with friends old and new.

"However, to the few out there that cannot conduct themselves properly or can't handle their drink, if your fun starts to spoil someone else's fun that's when we will step in."