Thomas Whitham actors celebrating all things Burnley

In celebration of Burnley - the pride, passion and Premiership - two actors are hosting a new show.

Wednesday, 2nd May 2018, 11:29 am
Updated Wednesday, 2nd May 2018, 11:36 am
Liam Cavanagh and Lewis Pugh are showcasing their love for Burnley in their new show. (s)

Teaming up with Cultrapedia, the Thomas Whitham Sixth Form students are exploring the ups and downs of town life.

Actor Liam Cavanagh said: “Our idea has grown into a piece we are proud of, due to the connection it has to the town, which we’re both from.

“We feel the show gives an honest look at the reality of Burnley, providing an uplifting story of how the community we live in is unique and should be celebrated.”

It follows a day in the life of a young, aspiring actor who faces the tribulations of having big dreams in a small town.

Starring Liam and fellow student Lewis Pugh, it will take audiences on a journey through the town’s most recognised spots, from Turf Moor to Thompson’s Park.

“The characters in the piece are based on real-life experiences, which we are happy to share because we feel they give an accurate look at the different perspectives of Burnley,” Liam added.

“The message of our piece is one of honesty and celebration of our town, providing a fresh, satirical and uplifting view on what it means to be from a small Northern town.”

Thursday, 7pm. Tickets: £8; 01282 664400.