Final Easter services as chapel goes up for sale?

Blacko Independent Methodist Chapel
Blacko Independent Methodist Chapel

Despite the fact that Blacko Independent Methodist Chapel is now up for sale, services are still taking place – and that includes Easter Sunday.

It is called “Ebenezer Chapel” and was built back in 1867.

But it is now up for sale and is likely to close as a place of worship when it is eventually sold.

However, there are still some services. There is one on the second Sunday of each month at 10-30am and “everyone is welcome”, as their sign suggests.

And there is the Easter Sunday Service on Sunday at 10-30am and their sign says: “You Are Very Welcome – Easter Blessings”.

And a coffee club is held there on Tuesdays from 2pm to 4pm when people are invited to pop in and “enjoy a chat and a cuppa!”.

It is a chapel that has had worshippers attending for almost 150 years.

And the most famous person who attended in his youth was comedy star Jimmy Clitheroe.

He was born in Clitheroe in 1921 but was brought up in Blacko and attended the Sunday School at the Independent Methodist Chapel.

Later he was featured a great deal on the BBC and films as a comedy entertainer – appearing as a young lad even when he was an adult. He was small and young-looking.

He lived in Blackpool when he was a star, and was only 51 when he died in 1973. It was the day of his mother’s funeral that he lost his life.

So the fact that he attended the chapel means it is a historical building and it could become a big home now.