Nelson mosque extension work well under way

Working taking place on the Central Ghausia Mosque in Nelson.
Working taking place on the Central Ghausia Mosque in Nelson.
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Pendle’s biggest mosque is being expanded now – and work is expected to hopefully finish in a few months.

There has been a concern that things are taking time there despite members making lots of contributions.

But its leading Imam, Qari Khalid Mahmood, is confident that it will be completed soon, and thanks people who have made donations toward the work.

The giant Central Ghausia Mosque at the corner of Pendle Street and Clayton Street in Nelson was officially opened more than 20 years ago and it has thousands of members. Its committee has now decided to add a new L-shaped extension to it.

It will include new toilets, washing facilities for worshippers attending and a body washing facility for funerals. And it is all being built in stone.

One person who attends has raised a worry about delays in the work being completed. He asked not to be named. He said: “The timescale has taken place for this extension three years coming to July. I am disappointed.”

He added: “To make matters worse they have used 20 different building contractors when they have had the money they have collected three years ago. I have noticed the mosque have their own building contractors when this should have been the community contractors.”

And he made it clear people had made big donations, raising £250,000 when the idea was first started. He said: “A lot of members aided the mosque by contributing up to £500 each. We are giving this money for a good cause.”

But the Imam said: “We’ve been working on it for more than a year. There has been a delay of three months because of steel work. Even today they are working on it. We want it to be finished as quickly as possible.

“We are pleased with all the donations made by a lot of people. We are suggesting it should be completed in a few months.”

He added: “It’s a public place, and anyone is welcome to come along and pray.”

And in relation to the man who raised the delay issue, he said: “He could come forward and tell us his views.”