Nelson parking ticket fiasco

A Nelson business owner has called on the council to address the number of illegally-parked cars that are occupying spaces in the area, leading to a lack of space for customers and a subsequent dip in business.

Friday, 27th January 2017, 11:39 am
Updated Friday, 27th January 2017, 12:31 pm
Disgruntled business owners: (from left) Tariq Mehmood Ghulam (Nelson Barber), Nadeem Khan (Smart Travel), David Philipe (Right 2 Let), Pauline Ray (Upper Crust), David Wilde (Liqueur Store).

Mr Ali Ahmed (42) of Right 2 Let Property Management on Railway Street in Nelson, has bemoaned the pressing issue, which results in his and his neighbouring businesses' customers being stranded without adequate parking space due to cars being left all day in spite of the supposed two-hour restriction.

Plagued by a raft of commuters whom he claims are exploiting the fact that the council's traffic attendants fail to issue tickets outside his premises, Mr Ahmed, from Burnley, has been forced into contacting the council directly, but says he has received no assistance.

"We never have any parking space due to other businesses around the town centre dumping their cars there for the whole day," Mr Ahmed said. "It's horrendous; I've spoken to the council but nothing's been done."

As the signs clearly state, parking is restricted.

Despite being keen to invest in the local economy, Mr Ahmed - whose son, Kaleem Ali (21) runs Right 2 Let - insists that a downturn in turnover has been noticable, and said that if he was not "tied to a lease, stuck there for another three years" he would relocate.

"When clients come, all they have is a postcode and they have problems trying to find a parking space," he said. "It puts them off."

Despite having contacted the council on numerous occasions, Mr Ahmed says that "the buck is being passed on" and that help from the relevant authorities has shown no signs of coming.

"Each time [the council] say they'll leave it to the enforcement team," Mr Ahmed explained. "It's neglect; it's jeopardising our businesses when there are three cars parked there all day. Where are the tickets? Have they got the wrong restrictions in the area?"

As the signs clearly state, parking is restricted.

Lancashire County Council insist that they log vehicles when they are in limited waiting bays to ascertain whether they have overstayed and that they issue around four penalty charge notices a week.

Paul Riley, Lancashire Parking Services, said: "We regularly take enforcement action on Railway Street in Nelson. Over the last six months we have logged more than 830 vehicles parked on the street and issued 23 penalty charge notices."

In reply, Mr Ahmed simply said: "I haven't [seen any evidence of parking attendants]. Railway Street is a big place - there's a parking area at the bottom where they probably are issuing tickets, but where our premises are they should be getting ticketed too.

"They're trying to brush it under the carpet," he continued.