English Heritage has say on Nelson park homes plan

Marsden Park cottage.
Marsden Park cottage.
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The success of a scheme to develop the former site of Pendle Council’s parks department depot will depend upon the quality of its design and execution, according to English Heritage.

Pendle Council’s Nelson Committee will visit the site at Marsden Hall Farm before its meeting on Monday where it will decide whether to grant permission for the demolition of a barn – last used as offices – and a number of greenhouses, the erection of eight dwellings and alterations to Marsden Park Cottage, a Grade 2 listed building dating to the late 18th Century.

In a report to the meeting, English Heritage says a key element which adds to the significance of the cottage is its Georgian estate design, the craftsmanship that went into its build and its grouping with other buildings on the Marsden Park estate.

“We welcome the reuse of the nationally important Marsden Park Cottage but we would like to highlight the opportunity of reusing all of the historic buildings upon the site to create an attractive high quality development,” says the heritage group.

“The success of the scheme will depend upon the quality of the detailed design and its execution.

“In determining planning applications, local planning authorities should take account of the desirability of sustaining and enhancing the significance of heritage assets and putting them to viable uses consistent with their conservation and the desirability of new development making a positive contribution to local character and distinctiveness.

“In determining this application the local authority will need to balance the harm caused by the demolition of the barn and the change in character of this part of the estate against the public benefits derived form the scheme.”

Members are recommended to grant planning permission.